Color Coordination: Matching Your Graduation Tie with Your School Colors

Written by Martina May


Posted on June 27 2024

Graduation day is a monumental occasion, and looking your best is a top priority. One way to make a lasting impression is by perfectly coordinating your tie with your school colors. The right color coordination can enhance your overall appearance and reflect your school spirit. Let's explore how to match your tie with your school colors while keeping your suit and shirt choices in mind.

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Matching Your Graduation Tie with Your School Colors

Classic and Timeless Black Ties

A black tie is a versatile choice that exudes sophistication and class. It pairs well with almost any suit color, making it a safe yet stylish option for graduation. If your school colors include black or a dark shade, a black tie can seamlessly blend in while maintaining a formal look. Pair it with a white or light-colored shirt and a black or charcoal suit for a classic and timeless appearance.

Try Vibrant and Bold Hot Pink Ties

For those who want to make a statement, a hot pink tie is the perfect choice. This bold color is sure to stand out and add a fun, lively touch to your graduation attire. If your school colors feature pink or you just want to add a pop of color, a hot pink tie can be a great addition. Pair it with a navy or grey suit and a white shirt to let the tie be the focal point of your outfit.

Gold Bow Ties

A gold bow tie brings an element of luxury and elegance to your graduation outfit. If your school colors include gold or yellow, this can be an excellent choice to highlight those colors. Pair a gold bow tie with a dark suit, such as navy or black, and a white shirt to create a polished and sophisticated look. The gold will stand out beautifully, adding a touch of class to your ensemble.

Baby Blue Ties For Gentle Appearance 

A baby blue tie is perfect for a softer, more gentle appearance. This color is especially suitable if your school colors include light blue or similar hues. A baby blue tie pairs well with a grey or navy suit and a white or light blue shirt. This combination creates a fresh and clean look, perfect for a bright and sunny graduation day.

Try Funny Ties To Grab Attention 

If you want to inject some humor and personality into your graduation attire, consider wearing funny ties. These ties come in various patterns and designs, allowing you to express your individuality. Whether it features quirky patterns or humorous graphics, a funny tie can be a great conversation starter. Pair it with a simple suit and shirt to ensure the tie remains the star of your outfit.

Navy Blue Ties

A navy blue tie is a reliable and stylish choice that complements many suit colors. If your school colors include navy or dark blue, a navy blue tie can seamlessly match your outfit. Pair it with a grey or black suit and a white shirt for a sophisticated and cohesive look. The deep blue color exudes confidence and maturity, perfect for a memorable graduation day.

You can also pair a royal blue tie with a black or grey suit and a white shirt to create a striking and elegant look. The rich blue color adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your graduation attire.

Try Grey Bow Ties

For a subtle yet stylish option, consider a grey bow tie. This color is versatile and pairs well with many suit and shirt combinations. If your school colors include grey or silver, a grey bow tie can be a perfect match. Pair it with a black or navy suit and a white or light grey shirt for a sophisticated and understated look.

Bold and Striking: Black and Red Ties

A black and red tie is a bold choice that can make a powerful statement. If your school colors include red or a combination of black and red, this tie can be an excellent choice. 

Coordinating Your Outfit

Ensure there is a good contrast between your tie and your suit.  If your tie is bold and vibrant, keep your suit and shirt simple. This will allow the tie to stand out without clashing with other elements of your outfit. Reflecting your school colors in your tie choice is a great way to show school spirit. However, make sure the colors are well-coordinated with your overall outfit.

By carefully selecting your tie to match your school colors, you can create a memorable and stylish look that celebrates your achievements and honors your school spirit. Get a diverse collection of ties to wear on graduation day in Yourties. Select the ones match your school colors.